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Many repeaters in Nova Scotia and Price Edward Island are linked via a comprehensive completely RF network maintained by the NSARA in conjunction with local clubs.

A basic set of instructions for using the system:

-Tune to the repeater local to you


- If no traffic identify yourself and your intention to bring up the link

- Slowly dial the ON code for the local repeater and wait for confirmation that the link is ON


- Slowly dial the ON code for the remote repeater(s) you wish to bring up and wait for confirmation from each machine before turning on another one.


- If no traffic go ahead and identify yourself and make your call

(A short delay from when you key up to when you start speaking will help)

- When finished, announce your intent to down link

- Slowly dial the OFF code for the repeater(s) that you turned on one at a time.

- Slowly dial the OFF code for your local repeater

- Identify and announce that you are finished


Remember the biggest rule with this system is PAUSE AND LISTEN. There is a slight delay when bringing all of those machines up so be sure to take your time.


An interactive google map of the system and its link codes is available HERE